Unbeatable Locks

KNAACK Security - Unbeatable Locks

Quitting time applies to everything but a KNAACK® box: Our integrated and three-point locking systems provide the utmost in security, while saving you time and money with a one-time install.

Designed to be Secure

KNAACK Security - Designed to be Secure

Thieves break long before a KNAACK® does: Improved hinges and ball stud brackets ensure durability and reduce break-in potential.

Solid Construction

KNAACK Security - Solid Construction

Maximum security for the real world: Heavy-duty 16-gauge steel body construction and fully arc-welded seams provide durable security all day and all night long.

Innovative Technology

KNAACK Security - Innovative Technology

No other job box can match the security and innovation of a KNAACK®: Separately locking compartments make your tools equally safe and easy to access.