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60 years ago, Howard Knaack started manufacturing quality jobsite storage boxes. We are celebrating his legacy and the lasting impression he left on the jobsite security industry. Join us as we celebrate 60 years of KNAACK®! Please help us honor Mr. Knaack by sharing your favorite KNAACK® photos and stories on social media!

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KNAACK Ticket Box
KNAACK Golden Ticket Swag

• Starting in August, we will randomly place a GOLDEN TICKET into a KNAACK® jobsite box twice a month

• If you see the ticket inside the lid of your new KNAACK® box, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve Won!

• Follow the directions on the ticket to claim your prize


Model 89 - Cody

Submitted by Cody

"Thank you KNAACK. Your product saved my company 30K plus a full day's productivity by securing our tools in the MODEL 89 STORAGEMASTER on a job site in Charlotte, NC. If you are considering purchasing a KNAACK; it is durable and will save you thousands in the future." - Cody

Model 79-D


"I recently received my 79-D and am really pleased with it.  It is superbly made and holds some really heavy duty hydraulic equipment and the drawer is awesome. I own almost 20 of your boxes and the quality never ceases to impress. They certainly can take a beating and keep going. Thanks for continuing to make great products, you have a customer for life!" - McLane

Model 118-M Atlanta Stadium

Model 118-M DataVault Mobile
Obtained from the Atlanta Stadium construction project

When the Atlanta stadium was under construction, a strong gust of wind pushed this Data Vault Mobile, causing it to roll towards and down an unfinished stairwell. The box (outfitted with a monitor, computer, and other electronics) fell 30 feet and slammed into the ground below. When the crew opened up the box, the contents were intact and continued to function. Thankfully, no injuries resulted.

Model 69


"We own several KNAACK Model 69 STORAGEMASTER Chests. On one of our job sites we were working on a 10-story-high building. We had to get our jobsite box up on the 8th story deck with a crane. As you can guess, we dropped it about 60-feet with an 80 lb. jackhammer, air hose and other material, and everything was okay! The KNAACK box took a good hit to the bottom left side, but the lid still is square and left is as well, the locks work and the welding on the walls held up. KNAACK Jobsite Boxes are the best on the market and our company wouldn't purchase any other. Thank you, KNAACK." - Michael, Tucson, AZ


Bob Bergum

Bob Bergum – Senior Product Designer

29 Years at Knaack/WernerCo

What Does The KNAACK Brand Mean To You?

Loyalty! From the loyal customers that have used our product for decades, to the loyal co-workers that help design, build and sell the product. I have a lot of pride in being associated with that great brand name.


Has your position changed over the course of time you’ve been with WernerCo?

When I first started in 1991, I was using a 2D CAD system on one of two computers that existed within the plant. I would do a complete back-up on tape every Friday and take the tapes home, so they were safely off-site. Today, we use a 3D CAD package and continually work with our design team halfway around the world in Manila, communicating with them almost like they are in the next room.


What KNAACK innovation are you most proud of and why?

The Data Vault project was fun, since this product never existed on a jobsite. We helped do a lot of research on how we think the product would/could be used. I am proud that we were first to market with this type of product.

Jen Mallory

Jennifer Mallory – Commodity Buyer

10 Years at Knaack/WernerCo

What does the KNAACK brand mean to you?

I love being out in public and seeing our boxes on jobsites or trucks; My family hears me point out nearly every one I see.  I take great pride in knowing that I was a part in making each one of the boxes that are out there making other people’s lives easier and more secure. 


Has your position changed over the course of time you’ve been with WernerCo?

When working on the manufacturing floor with KNAACK I was a welding and paint supervisor.  My responsibilities grew to include environmental reporting and an intense knowledge of the entire paint system and commodities.  I have recently transitioned into a Commodity Buyer role, but I will forever be remembered as “The Paint Lady.”


What KNAACK innovation are you most proud of and why?

The Knaack innovation I am most proud of is the Cart Armor line.  While it is still fairly new, I see this as something that will become much more popular as the years pass.  It is a line that will be easy to offer in different colors to match different needs and has the versatility to be used in a variety of functions. I see uses for this in not just the construction world but also in schools, hospitals, sporting events, anywhere where you want to be mobile and have a secure place to lock up items.  It’s a piece of Knaack that everyone can use. 

Joe Rodriguez

Jose (Joe) Rodriguez – R&D Technician

45 Years at Knaack/WernerCo

What does the KNAACK brand mean to you?



What KNAACK innovation are you most proud of and why?
Cart Armour – I was a key team member in the development of the Cart Armour and it’s great to see how successful it is today.


Has your position changed over the course of time you’ve been with WernerCo?

I have been able to work in many different positions from welding, to maintenance, to being a supervisor, and now I’m in the R&D technician role – which I love. I really enjoy being able to use different machinery to create ideas that turn into reality.

Khampheth Sayachack

Khampheth Sayachack – Welder

39 Years at Knaack/WernerCo

What does the KNAACK brand mean to you?

Strong and secure!


What inspires you to work at WernerCo?

Being able to come in every day and continue to do what I enjoy.


How have you seen KNAACK transform over the course of your time working with the brand?

When I started here, there were 18 people I worked with in the plant, now we are up to 400.


Safety Kage™

Industry First, one-stop-shop for Jobsite Safety.


Cart Armour™

Convert your mobile cart into a KNAACK®



Built-in heated storage to keep everything at the optimal temperature.



Combines connectivity and productivity to secure digital assets on the jobsite.


Junk Trunk

Heavy duty independent locking drawer for quick access to high demand tools and accessories.

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Watchman® Lock System

Patented WATCHMAN® IV Lock System is built with a 7-gauge reinforced lock and a 3-point latch.

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