Product Testimonials

No one tells the story of our products better than our customers. Read on to see how KNAACK® Products have performed while in everyday use on real jobsites. If you have your own product story or review, please send it our way.

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“We had a break-in attempt at one of our jobsites and someone tried to steal our expensive plasma cutter and coring gear, but our Cart Armour kept them out. It’s a quality-engineered and well-built jobsite theft deterrent system. This is why I buy KNAACK!” 

- Harry, Director of Tools and Logistics, Franklin Park, IL

KNAACK Cart Armour Secure Storage

“I have a customer who has been buying from us from way back. He had his Model 89 damaged by thieves the other night and is super happy that they got nothing. They tried from all angles and couldn’t get inside. This makes us feel good that he bought a quality product.” 

- Susan, Honolulu, HI

"I recently received my 79-D and am really pleased with it. It is superbly made and holds some really heavy hydraulic equipment and the drawer is awesome. I own almost 20 of your boxes and the quality never ceases to impress. They certainly take a beating and keep going. I hope one day you will make a box with full length drawers like a 60" wide mechanics' box built into a 139 without the center divider, that is my dream box. Thanks for continuing to make great products you have a customer for life! 

-Snow, Los Gatos, CA

"Still have my KNAACK® box. It's 10 years old. When it was only two months old, there was a block layer cutting a hole in a wall for a window. He knocked out a block and the wall fell on the box and bent the top. We beat the dent out a little and it is still holds the water out today just as if was new." 

- David, Ponca City, OK

"We own several KNAACK® Model 69 STORAGEMASTER® Chests. On one of our job sites we were working on a 10-story-high building. We had to get our jobsite box up on the 8th story deck with a crane. As you can guess, we dropped it about 60-feet with an 80 lb. jackhammer, air hose and other material, and every thing was okay! The KNAACK® box took a good hit to the bottom left side, but the lid still is square and left is as well, the locks work and the welding on the walls held up. KNAACK® Jobsite Boxes are the best on the market and our company wouldn't purchase any other. Thank you, KNAACK®." 

- Michael, Tucson, AZ

"Currently we own one Model 100 KNAACK® Rolling Cabinet for on-site storage of our fasteners and pipe hangers. We are in the process of purchasing a second cabinet to store our pipe fittings and valves. The savings in lost labor and expedited delivery costs, due to lack of materials on the job site, paid for the first cabinet in the first year. Our expectations are that this second cabinet will pay for itself this year." 

- William, Kennesaw, GA

"KNAACK® Storage Boxes are superb, and this one is no exception. There is enough room for at least a dozen power tools and a few hand tools as well. The top shelf is great for boxes of screws and other small items. It rolls through 36" doors with just a bit to spare. The top is a little too high to use as a work surface with the casters installed though. Over all, the KNAACK® 69 STORAGEMASTER® Jobsite Storage Chest is a winner and will keep your stuff safe." 

- Florio, Chicago, IL

"As a guy that does many smaller, short-term jobs, I use the KNAACK® Model 42 Tool Box because of its small size and versatility. It's not unruly to move around like the big boxes and it is perfect for smaller jobs where you are on site with only half the tools in your collection. Being a KNAACK® box, its construction and security are superior." 

- Cort, Barre, MA

"If this newer model is anything like the KNAACK® Gang Boxes of old, then they are well worth the money for any professional. The door handle has been recessed, which should work nicely for transport (mine always gets bent because it protrudes), especially alongside other boxes or equipment. Front access locks are a big improvement over earlier models. This allows you to line up boxes tight and still get to the lock... All in all they are and have been a high-quality product that can stand up to rough everyday use." 

- McNutty, Boise, ID

"In December 2005, I entered my office trailer at the new Indiana Stadium construction site and found that our company's KNAACK® Jobsite Box, which was bolted to the trailer floor, had been tampered with. Inside the box was $10,000 worth of surveying equipment. I could tell the thief tried to pry open the lid of the box. I was relieved when I noticed that the box was still locked. I couldn't believe that the thief didn't get inside it! If we don't properly protect our equipment, it's a direct loss to our bottom line. Buying the proper storage equipment is the most cost-effective theft deterrent. If you're going to trust in your tools and trust a box to lock them up in, the KNAACK® box is the box of choice." 

- Mike, Indianapolis, IN