KNAACK® Releases Armoured Transport, Pro-Grade Heavy Duty Mobile System on Wheels

Mar 20, 2024

KNAACK Expands on Cart ArmourTM line by designing its own heavy-duty secure storage unit; Provides Maximum Mobility, Maneuverability and Security for the Jobsite


Itasca, IL,  [March 20, 2024] – KNAACK®, the trusted leader in tool storage and jobsite security, introduces the KNAACK Armoured Transport, built for maximum mobility and durability for any jobsite terrain. This new, heavy-duty security transport system on wheels is not a standard “utility cart”. This industry-first product advancement provides maximum mobility along with ultimate durability and top security the KNAACK brand is known for on worksites. It was designed for any professional that needs to easily transport, access and secure their construction tools, equipment and materials, no matter the stage of construction. 

“We set out to design something unique that really goes above and beyond the traditional utility cart that is often found on jobsites,” said Kevin Yeh, Director of Product Marketing, Secure Storage at WernerCo. “The KNAACK Armoured Transport is a mobile and secure storage solution built specifically for the demands of the jobsite and the varied terrain contractors find themselves dealing with on a daily basis.”


Beyond Traditional Utility Carts for Maximum Mobility

The traditional utility cart was not built for the construction jobsite, but instead for smooth, finished surfaces in hotels, schools and service industry locations. Utility carts work well on commercial carpet and finished tile floors, and found their way onto jobsites because of a lack of better options.

The KNAACK Armoured Transport was designed specifically for the jobsite. With its 8” rubberized wheels, it can easily tackle common obstacles like loose gravel, rebar and electrical cords. These wheels are 60-percent larger in diameter and two times wider than what’s found on traditional utility carts.

The wheels are also much stronger and smoother thanks to heavy-duty ball bearings, a beefy wheel frame and industrial-grade mounting plate. The taller height of the KNAACK Armoured Transport, combined with an ergonomic handle alleviates user fatigue, reduces back strain and has a more elevated work platform on top.

Add to all of this, a payload rating of 750lbs, which is 50% higher than traditional utility carts, and it means pros can load the KAT with everything needed for the day. No back and forth trips to slow down productivity.

The KNAACK Armoured Transport assembles in under 10 minutes including integrated 16-gauge steel panels with lockable doors. And because it’s a KNAACK, any professional knows their tools and equipment will always be protected.


Product highlights include:

  • Jobsite Mobility: Large 8” non-marring, swivel wheels with a safety lock and an ergonomic handle to alleviate fatigue even when pushing or pulling maximum payloads means this KAT is designed for all phases of construction.
  • Heavy-Duty and Durable for Jobsite Performance: The KAT provides a fifty-percent higher load-rating than traditional utility for storing or moving heavy equipment across the worksite. Its tongue and groove assembly design helps make it a rock-solid system.
  • Enhanced Security: Fully integrated 16-gauge steel panels with full-frame lockable steel doors prevent jobsite theft and make it easier to transport tools and equipment.
  • Easy Assembly: Assembly takes less than 10 minutes, saving the user up to seventy percent in assembly time over previous solutions, thanks to reduced design complexity with only one type of hardware required to assemble.
  • Stay Organized with Multi-Function Versatility: Integrated tray compartments for parts and hardware make it easy to stay organized and quickly find the tools and small parts needed at a glance. The electrical cord pass through with included rubber grommets provide easy electrical access for power equipment recharging and computer or wi-fi bases. Pros can be connected to construction project needs like never before.
  • Elevated Work Platform: With a taller height than light-duty carts, the KAT provides an elevated work platform to keep professionals in a more comfortable, upright position when using it as a work surface.


The new KNAACK Armoured Transport enhances mobility and security on jobsites everywhere. It is now available through professional distributors nationwide. For more information, visit


KNAACK, a WernerCo Professional brand, is the industry leader of jobsite storage equipment, including storage chests, field stations, rolling work benches and hand tool boxes. KNAACK products are designed and built to the highest standard. Well beyond traditional tool storage and security, KNAACK innovation takes jobsite protection to the next level. For more information, visit


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