The Real Cost of Construction Jobsite Theft

Apr 18, 2016

 KNAACK® Keeps Jobsites Safe; 
Preventative Measures to Deter Theft and Vandalism


Crystal Lake, IL, April 18, 2016 – According to the National Equipment Register, construction jobsite theft costs the industry up to $1 billion each year.1 Professional contractors rely on their tools to get the job done, and without the necessary equipment, it can cost companies significant time and money. 

“Simple security measures and practices can help keep jobsites protected,” said Mike Bykowski, Senior Product Manager at KNAACK®, LLC. “After hours, construction sites can become an easy target for theft and vandalism, but there are measures that professionals can take to ensure expensive tools and equipment are kept safe.”

According to the Great American Insurance Group, “an estimated 90% of equipment thefts take place between 6 p.m. on Friday and 6 a.m. on Monday.”2 There are many ways that tools and material goods can be kept safe, from extra lighting around the jobsite to storing tools in a locked storage box. 

Safety Tips to Guard Against Theft

One of the most secure measures a company can take includes keeping tools and equipment in a safe and secure location, like a jobsite storage box. Additional tips include:

  • Signage: One of the number one and lowest-cost deterrents is adding a simple sign. Consider adding a sign that reads, “24 Hour Video Surveillance”. Another sign offering rewards to those who turn in thieves or provide valuable information on crimes is also a helpful deterrent.
  • Security Lighting: Motion-censored lights or extra lighting can deter crime. Darkness often invites crime so the more light, the better the protection.
  • Barrier protection: Adding some type of barrier protection, like a fence or guardrail, makes it tougher for thieves to get in and take supplies out. Look for ways to keep the important items properly secured and protected with barriers.
  • Controlled access to the jobsite: Having just one entry point in and out of the jobsite will cut down on crime. Geo-Fencing, a virtual barrier using GPS to track behaviors using mobile phones, has proved helpful for both crime prevention and inventory.
  • Documentation: Always photograph, document and record the serial numbers for equipment, tools and material goods for insurance purposes in the event that something is stolen. This will be extremely handy if a company or individual wants to claim any stolen items with an insurance company.
  • Jobsite Box Protection: Tools and equipment should be kept in a safe and secure location. With the extra security of a jobsite box, like the KNAACK® 4830-D, criminals do not stand a chance of getting to the most valuable tools on a construction site. The KNAACK® 4830-D is both weather and theft resistant and features an integrated, three-point locking system and secondary locking drawer.

While these tips will not guarantee important items are always safe, it will strongly deter theft and vandalism. Construction jobsite crime can not only cause financial hardship, but also delay production schedules. If a jobsite does fall victim to theft, having a contingency plan in place can make replacing stolen tools much easier. Both local police numbers and jobsite owner name and number should be on file and accessible to all on the jobsite. In addition, always ensure equipment and tools have the proper warranties and have been registered with the manufacturer.

In support of the International Code Council’s (ICC) Building Safety Month in May and the National Safety Council’s (NSC) National Safety Month in June, KNAACK® will be kicking off a new campaign entitled Can’t Crack A KNAACK®. The goal is to promote awareness of jobsite security and the value of protecting tools and equipment. KNAACK® will be hosting contests on their Facebook page to feature customers and fans who #ShowUsYourScars. KNAACK® boxes are recognized for their security and durability and users are encouraged to share their stories of how their storage boxes survived damage from attempted theft, automobile accidents or weather. Visit to share photos and stories for a chance to win cool KNAACK® prizes.


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