KNAACK® Introduces New Additions to Family of Piano Boxes

Sep 29, 2014

Industry’s Most Productive Storage Chests Now Feature the Junk Trunk Quick Access Drawer and Tool Kage for Organized Jobsite Protection


Greenville, PA– KNAACK® today introduced an upgraded pair of Piano Boxes, the 79-D and 89-D STORAGEMASTER® Piano Chests include new features and functionality. Along with the 4830-D JOBMASTER™, this trio makes up KNAACK®’s new family of storage boxes featuring Junk Trunk Quick Access Drawers. Built with the utmost security and protection, these KNAACK® products include new features that allow for quick access to high demand tools while providing the extreme level of security the KNAACK®brand is known for.

The new 79-D and 89-D Piano Boxes feature several new innovations including Tool Kage, an independently locking and viewable storage solution located inside the chest for easy access and visibility of charging accessories while minimizing convenience stealing. These jobsite storage boxes also feature the Junk Trunk Quick Access Drawer, designed to provide convenient access to separate drawers where the user can store high demand tools and accessories. The distinguishing factors between the two Piano Boxes are the size of the storage boxes and the number of Quick Access Drawers, with the 89-D including two separate drawers while the 79-D has one. 

“Our goal is to bring innovation and functionality enhancements to our jobsite storage products,” said Mike Bykowski, Senior Product Manager at KNAACK®. “We added real-world functionality to these typical piano boxes so that our professional contractors can access, organize and ensure their valuable tools are protected and secure during and after jobsite hours.”

The new KNAACK® 79-D and 89-D Piano Boxes feature the following:

  • Tool Kage: An independent locking cabinet located inside the main chest with knock-out power port and viewports to see charging tools and accessories. It also converts into a sturdy work surface when the Tool Kage door is open.
  • Junk Trunk Quick Access Drawer: Includes a heavy-duty independent locking drawer for quick access to high demand tools and accessories.
  • Raised Chest Floor: Professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts will be able to easily reach and find tools at the bottom of the chest, without over-reaching.
  • Gas Strut Support: Piano box lids are supported with dual gas struts to assist in opening the box lid.
  • KNAACK® Security: The Watchman IV Lock system provides independent locking for both the chest and Junk Trunk Quick Access Drawers.
  • KNAACK® Mobility: The KNAACK® boxes can be mobilized easily with optional wheel casters, 4-way skid access and recessed side handles.



A Complete Line of KNAACK® Products with the Junk Trunk Quick Access Drawer

The newest KNAACK® products featuring the Junk Trunk Quick Access Drawer include Models 79-D and 89-D STORAGEMASTER® Piano Boxes and the recently introduced 4830-D JOBMASTER™ Chest.

The Model 79-D measures 48” wide, 49” tall and has a capacity of 36.2 cu ft. This all around solution is ideal for every trade, it is caster-ready and includes full-width shelves for organization of tools and supplies. It also features a bi-fold cover which folds completely out of the way for unrestricted access and fits perfectly in the width of a full-size truck bed.

The Model 89-D measures 60” wide, 78” tall and has a capacity of 43.8 cu ft. This new piano box is ideal for mechanical trades because it features independent drawers for fittings, accessory hardware and trim supplies while the Tool Kage can store items that need to stay charged. It is caster-ready and includes full-width shelves for organization of tools and supplies.

The KNAACK® 4830-D includes an ergonomic finger-grip lid that allows access from nearly any angle and an anti-slam lid to ensure user control when opening and closing the chest. This new chest also includes a raised floor in the main box for easier reach without compromising the ability to store a 5-gallon bucket. 

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