KNAACK® provides maximum security against theft 24/7. No one has a better track record of proven protection.
Well beyond traditional tool storage and security, KNAACK's innovation takes jobsite protection to the next level.


KNAACK® designs and builds product with a customer focus to provide the best in productivity, user safety, security, and ergonomics. From work stations to the largest stationary chests, we provide versatile storage solutions to keep you organised while protecting you from theft. The KNAACK® brand name is known in the industry as "The most trusted name in jobsite security."

WernerCo acquired 100% ownership of Knaack LLC in 2012. This joining of forces has created a mutually beneficial product portfolio that collectively leverages the broader company networks in manufacturing and distribution, in addition to sales and marketing.


Manufacturing Process

Perpetually redesigning products to optimize user-friendliness and efficiency, it's no wonder that KNAACK® truly stands apart from the competition.


Howard Knaack first started making history when he began building jobsite storage tool boxes in a tiny shop in Crystal Lake, Illinois in the fall of 1960. At the time, his main outlet for said boxes was a tool supply distributor owned by his partners, Brock Tool Company. His boxes were received so well that they had a national audience by 1962 and pretty soon after that, it was time to move up -literally. Knaack LLC officially moved to its current location at 420 E. Terra Cotta Avenue in 1968, going from a one-room shop to a 16,000-square-foot facility.

The new facility was extremely modern and included not only the first ever system to clean steel, but also an oven for baking enamel paint. Mr. Knaack devoted himself to creating a plethora of distinct boxes, specifically designed to best serve various types of contractors. His attention to detail paid off, as many of the innovations became industry standard and, of course, then copied by other manufacturers. 

From being one of the industry's first to offer TGIC Polyester Powder Coating to adding gas pistons for safety, even the arrival of the 80's couldn't slow KNAACK's roll. One of the most notable changes was switching from steel to aluminium. Furthermore, they continued to diversify, manufacturing additional truck boxes under the WEATHER GUARD® brand. It was this product expansion that enabled the company to proudly count municipalities and utility fleets to its base of users