Onsite. As Usual.


It’s not every jobsite box that can travel to Myrtle Beach, SC to take on the World’s strongest most determined athletes. But that’s exactly what KNAACK did for the third year in a row. 




The Box

When it comes to the jobsite, KNAACK really has no competition. It takes some of the world’s most physically and mentally strong athletes to put KNAAK Jobsite Boxes to the test. This year’s event featured the KNAACK Jobmaster Chest 4824 on center stage for the KNAACK deadlift. 30 competitors competed to see how many times they could lift 780 lbs. of soul-crushing steel. How many do you think you have in you?
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The Battle

The World’s Strongest Man was pre-recorded in April and will be televised throughout the summer beginning May 28th. The KNAACK Deadlift is featured in the finals of the event and will be televised on CBS July 23rd and again on CBS Sports Network July 27th. Check local listings for times in your area.
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The Bling

In addition to competing for the title of World’s Strongest Man, this year’s event featured a peer-to-peer award. Based on set of criteria like mental toughness, determination and sheer strength, the competitors voted for fellow athletes that best demonstrated the Tools of a Strongman. The co-winners (spoiler coming) were presented with the inaugural KNAACK Tools of a Strongman Trophy. Check out the trophy presentation to Mark Felix and Brian Shaw.