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Knaack Lids Brochure_180x90
New Chest Features
Better performance at no additional cost
3 Sided Easy Grip Lid
Continuous ergonomic grip for easy access
Anti-Slam Lid
Gas strut supported lid to control closing speed
Model 2472_Steel Construction_180x90
Steel Gauge Construction
Built with 16-gauge steel and anti-theft design

Series Model Matrix

Model No.Approx. Product Height (m)Approx. Product Width (m)Approx. Product Length (m)Approx. Shipping Weight lb (kg)Approx. Cu. Ft. Per UnitClosed HeightBuy Online
101036 in30 in66 in400 (181.4)3136 in
203218-1/4 in19 in32 in77 (34.9)518-1/4 in
204828 in24 in48 in145 (65.8)1628 in
206028 in24 in60 in180 (81.6)2028 in
247228-1/4 in24 in72 in216 (97.9)24.528-1/8
306828 in30 in60 in225 (102.1)3128 in
3218-1/2 in19 in32 in84 (38.1)518-1/2 in
3621-1/2 in19 in36 in97 (44)721-3/8 in
4223-3/8 in19 in42 in114 (51.7)923-3/8 in
482428-1/4 in24 in48 in158 (71.7)1628-1/4 in
483034-1/4 in30 in48 in194 (87.9)25.2534-1/4
4830-D35 in30 in48 in254 (115.2)1734-1/4 in
6028-1/4 in24 in60 in190 (86.2)20.2528-1/4 in