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WATCHMAN® IV Lock System Now Available On KNAACK® Chests

CRYSTAL LAKE, IL - June 2003 - Knaack LLC has introduced its WATCHMAN® IV lock system on the company's STORAGEMASTER® and JOBMASTER® Storage Chests and Cabinets, and its rolling workbenches. The system requires only one padlock for two-point, dead-bolt latching. Not only does it save the cost of the initial padlock purchase, but it saves costs every time there is a move to a new jobsite and the locks have to be changed.

The security of the WATCHMAN® IV system is unmatched in the industry. The dual dead-bolt lock system features a 1/2" steel rod with 7-gauge steel tangs on each end of the chest cover. Latchings on the chest ends help prevent thieves from prying up a corner to steal tools while the chest is still locked.

The STORAGEMASTER® and JOBMASTER® Chest Models feature the lock system's one-padlock design except for Model 91, which requires two padlocks. When used on a truck, the lock is conveniently located on the driver's side.

The new lock system works with a wide range of padlocks, as long as they meet the requirements of the instruction label. Users can install their own short-shackle padlocks, MASTER® Nos. 1 and 5 padlocks, the AMERICAN #50 padlock, or the equivalent, in the WATCHMAN® IV lock system.

Knaack manufactures and markets a complete line of storage equipment, including storage chests, storage cabinets, workstations, rolling work benches and hand tool boxes. For more information, please contact: Knaack LLC, 420 E. Terra Cotta Avenue, Crystal Lake, IL 60014. Toll Free Phone: 800.456.7865. Toll Free Fax: 800.334.2981. Web: E-Mail:

WATCHMAN®, KNAACK®, JOBMASTER® and STORAGEMASTER® are registered trademarks of Knaack LLC. Please send inquiries to Brad Fagala, Knaack, 420 E. Terra Cotta Ave., Crystal Lake, IL 60014

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