WATCHMAN® IV Lock System

TOOL REQUIRED - Ratchet Wrench with 1/2" Socket or 1/2" Combination Wrench

NOTE: This lock system is designed to be used with a MASTER LOCK®* No. 1, MASTER LOCK No. 5 or AMERICAN LOCK®* No. 50, or an equivalent sized lock. If you are using a padlock not listed above, it is your responsibility to make sure the lock mechanism is working correctly. Padlocks must meet ALL requirements listed in Figure 1 or Figure 2.

1. Unbolt the padlock tab using a 1/2" socket or wrench. Install 5/16" x 3/4" Carriage Bolt into correct hole in Padlock Tab, install Padlock shackle into Padlock tab then secure to Lock Box using Locking Nut. Do not close the doors.(See Figure 1 or 2.)

Figure 1


Figure 2

(If you have installed one of the padlocks listed above per the instructions, you do not have to perform this test.)
2. Keep all cabinet doors open, with the padlock in the open position, close only one of the doors. If the latch rod does not slide up enough for the door to close, the padlock you have installed is not acceptable. If the door does close, push the padlock into the locked position. Lift up on the latch rod knob and try to open the door. If the door opens the padlock you have installed is not acceptable.

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"... I have only been using my 4824 KNAACK box for a short time, but it has been a great addition to my supplies. It allows me to store many tools in one safe place. Looking forward to purchasing a larger model. Thanks for a great product."
— Mario Aguilar

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  • Do not put fuels, flammables, explosives or hazardous materials inside these products.
  • Gasoline, solvents, gun powder or other munitions, dynamite, propane, acetylene or other such products can explode if stored inside these products.
  • Use these products ONLY for storing and transporting electric or hand tools and equipment, and other similar materials.
  • Failure to follow these warnings or modification or other uses of these products could result in death, serious injury or property damage.


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