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Rolling Work Benches provide organized storage and a handy work surface that can go wherever the job requires.


  • Powder-coat finish for superior durability and corrosion resistance




Model No.ColorApprox. Product HeightApprox. Product WidthApprox. Product LengthApprox. Shipping Weight Lbs.Load CapacityBuy Online
35Tan34-1/4 in26 in25 in1671,000 lbs
38Tan34-1/4 in26 in25 in2171,000 lbs
40Tan37-1/2 in25 in40-2/3 in210800 lbs
44Tan37.5 in25 in40-2/3 in240800 lbs
45Tan37-1/2 in25 in46-1/4 in2961,000 lbs
47Tan37.5 in25 in46-1/4 in2291,000 lbs
49Tan37.5 in25 in46-1/4 in3521,000 lbs
58Tan37-1/3 in26 in54-1/4 in5913,600 lbs
59Tan37-1/3 in26 in54-1/4 in6413600 lbs
62Tan34 in32 in62 in5973,400 lbs
63Red37-1/2 in25 in46-1/4 in3521,000 lbs
R-72Tan36 in27-1/2 in71-1/2 in136750 lbs