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Piano Boxes

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Piano Boxes feature shelves, an interior storage grid for hanging items, gas spring guards to protect springs from shifting-load damage, and at-a-glance easy access for small, big and in-between tools, equipment and supplies. This box is ideal for storage and security on the jobsite, workshop or in the plant.


  • Powder-coat finish for superior durability and corrosion resistance




Model No.Approx. Shipping Weight Lbs.Approx. Cu. Ft. Per UnitClosed HeightMax. Open Extended HeightBrandBuy Online
10004054854-1/2 in80 inMONSTER BOX®
When cover is closed, chest can be used as a work table.
28235.337 in66 inJOBMASTER®
7928738.249 in78 inSTORAGEMASTER®
79-D40036.249 in78 inSTORAGEMASTER®
79-DH42038.249 in78 inThermoSteel™
79-H30036.249 in78 inThermoSteel™
8933747.849 in78 inSTORAGEMASTER®
89-D51043.849 in78 inSTORAGEMASTER®
89-DH53047.849 in78 inThermoSteel™
89-H35043.849 in78 inThermoSteel™
9038057.549 in78 inSTORAGEMASTER®
9140957.549 in78 inSTORAGEMASTER®