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KNAACK® DataVault™

Conn 180x90
Sync various devices at jobsite through wireless and direct connect parts. Compatible with wireless routers and PCs for customization.

118-01_AI-DoorsMaleConstructionWorker 180x90
Building Information Modeling (BIM) access directly at the jobsite with an on-board TV and multi-product adaptability.

Security 180x90
Mobile Work Environment
Reach nearly every job on the construction site during any stage of construction.

Securing Assets
KNAACK® quality steel box is built to protect against theft and resist jobsite conditions.


A step above the traditional jobsite protection device, the 118-01 KNAACK® DataVault™ and 118-M KNAACK® DataVault™ are customized for professionals. The KNAACK® DataVault™ enables secure connectivity for all stakeholders directly to the worksite, empowering productivity and maximizing ROI of technology investments. With technology best suited to improve business efficiency, KNAACK® DataVault's customized interior arrives on the job ready for use. It is also supported with a nationwide, manufacture-certified support network to bring agile solutions. Check out our entire family of Field Stations below.


Series Model Matrix

Model No.HeightWidthLengthApprox. Cu. Ft. Per UnitLock System Buy Online
118-0175 in30 in55 in57.6WATCHMAN® IV Lock System
118-M48-1/4 in39-1/3 in26-7/8 in29.39WATCHMAN® IV Lock System
119-0182-1/4 in44 in60 in120.7WATCHMAN® 5 Lock System