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KNAACK® ThermoSteel™ Heated Storage

More Productivity
Saves money, reduces downtime, and prevents damaged materials due to cold weather

Heated Storage
Keeps adhesives, batteries, tools and so much more at optimal temperature

Easy To Use
Just plug in when jobsite temperature is less than 40˚F

KNAACK Security
Watchman® IV Lock System provides independent locking for both the chest and Junk Trunk™ quick access drawers


KNAACK® ThermoSteel™ Heated Storage is the first jobsite storage box with built-in heated storage to keep everything at the optimal temperature. ThermoSteel™ Heated Storage saves money, reduces downtime, and prevents ruined material due to cold temperatures. Store anything at the optimal temperature including adhesives, paints, batteries, electronics, safety gear, personal protective gear, tools, and accessories.  KNAACK® ThermoSteel™ Heated Storage is available in four models, 79-H, 79-DH, 89-H, 89-DH, and all models include a TOOL KAGE™ door & thermal blanket. 



Series Model Matrix

Model No.HeightLengthApprox. Shipping Weight lb (kg)Approx. Cu. Ft. Per UnitClosed HeightBrand Buy Online
100054-1/2 in66 in405 (183.7)4854-1/2 inMONSTER BOX®
When cover is closed, chest can be used as a work table.
34-1/4 in60 in282 (127.9)35.337 inJOBMASTER®
7949 in48 in287 (130.2)38.249 inSTORAGEMASTER®
79-D49 in48 in400 (181.4)36.249 inSTORAGEMASTER®
79-DH49 in48 in420 (190.5)38.249 inSTORAGEMASTER®
79-H49 in48 in300 (136.1)36.249 inSTORAGEMASTER®
8946 in60 in337 (152.9)47.849 inSTORAGEMASTER®
89-D49 in60 in510 (231.3)43.849 inSTORAGEMASTER®
89-DH49 in60 in530 (240.4)47.849 inSTORAGEMASTER®
89-H49 in60 in350 (158.8)43.849 inSTORAGEMASTER®
9049 in72 in380 (172.4)57.549 inSTORAGEMASTER®
9149 in72 in409 (185.6)57.549 inSTORAGEMASTER®