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Knaack Lids Brochure_180x90
New Chest Features
Better performance at no additional cost
3 Sided Easy Grip Lid
Continuous ergonomic grip for easy access
Anti-Slam Lid
Gas strut supported lid to control closing speed
Model 2472_Steel Construction_180x90
Steel Gauge Construction
Built with 16-gauge steel and anti-theft design

Series Model Matrix

Model No.WidthApprox. Shipping Weight lb (kg)Approx. Cu. Ft. Per UnitClosed HeightMax. Open Extended HeightBrandBuy Online
101030 in400 (181.4)3136 in58-1/2 inMONSTER BOX®
203219 in77 (34.9)518-1/4 in34-5/8 inCLASSIC®
204824 in145 (65.8)1628 in49-1/4 inCLASSIC®
206024 in180 (81.6)2028 in49-1/4 inCLASSIC®
247224 in216 (97.9)24.528-1/849-1/4 inJOBMASTER®
306830 in225 (102.1)3128 in37 inCLASSIC®
3219 in84 (38.1)518-1/2 in34-1/2 inJOBMASTER®
3619 in97 (44)721-3/8 in37-1/2 inJOBMASTER®
4219 in114 (51.7)923-3/8 in39-1/2 inJOBMASTER®
482424 in158 (71.7)1628-1/4 in49-1/4 inJOBMASTER®
483030 in194 (87.9)25.2534-1/461-1/4 inJOBMASTER®
4830-D30 in254 (115.2)1734-1/4 in61-1/4 inJOBMASTER®
6024 in190 (86.2)20.2528-1/4 in49-1/4 inJOBMASTER®